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Parity provides professional development focused on changing unsustainable consumer habits. Our organization is primarily focused on reducing consumption habits concerned with personal finance. Our training programs weave conscious decision making into every day life by providing an easy-to-use, evidence-based method.

Three unique services to help your students thrive


This one-on-one program will prepare your student for every day personal finances. We will create customized lessons according to your student’s learning style and age.

High School

Although some districts require microeconomics or personal finance courses, students are sometimes unable to apply the skills they are taught. This program consists of a seminar in which students are given the opportunity to simulate financial purchases by negotiating prices and working with a budget.


This interactive program, for professors and students, is made up of a training session and a seminar. We teach professors the necessary skills to weave consumer education into their every day curriculum, and how to bridge the generational gap between them and their students.

What do you get when you work with us?


We will retrain your general education professors with a palatable seminar focused on providing a practicum. The program will not add work to the professor’s curriculum and workday. Rather, Parity Hub’s mission is to help bridge the gap between the traditional academic model and the reality of working in a globalized economy.

The Parity Method

Parity Hub has created an array of resources for students. The resources range from budgeting tools to how to videos about how to “adult``. Moreover, the organization creates a community where people can learn and communicate monetary skills without shame.

Student Workshop/Conference

Parity Hub will host workshops for students. The workshops will be tailored to each institution. Its topics will cover: financial literacy, consumer protection, negotiations, budgeting, buying a home, buying a car, how to rent, how to save, and how to adult in a nutshell.

10% Back to Enrollees

Ten percent of the service fee will help fund a financial literacy grant program.

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We are a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Contributions to The Parity Hub, Inc. are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Parity Hub, Inc. tax identification number is 46-5383192.

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Parity’s Fundraising Policy

Since its inception, Parity Hub has been committed to an 80-20 financial model, which means we spend 80% of the funds we fundraise on our mission, and the other 20% on administrative costs.


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